Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Easy yet stylish summer fashion

Hi All!
This blog post is about staying stylish in the heat! I live in Queensland, and basically it's freakin' hot all year round' but especially in summer (duh) so my top 5 summer items for 2016 would be...

LUSH FACE MIST: Works an absolute treat! I use this at least once a day, usually after a shower and sometimes just throughout the day to stay hydrated and cool (I believe it's actually a toner) I have never put this over makeup as I imagine it would ruin it a bit but so perfect for an after gym cool down or a general hot day

A GOOD DENIM SKIRT: Why? THEY GO WITH NEARLY EVERYTHING. A "good" one will set you back a bit of $$$ but good can simply mean a good fit - mine is light blue and Wrangler, super comfy and can be easily worn with a crop, a light (material kind of light - obviously any colour you desire!) button up top, long or short sleeve. Or a T! They go with most things I can think of.

FUNKY SANDALS: I love a fun pair of sandals! I am definitely a boot person but summer here is too damn hot, I praise Queensland goths. My funky summer sandals this year around are only from RUBI shoes, they're strappy gold, black and white. I admit, it's not like they match everything but they're a statement on their own - easy to wear with basics - such as: White/grey/black T or singlet with a denim skirt/denim shorts/jeans (if it was winter)

ONE REALLY GOOD HAT: So, I am not really a hat person but I do have one summer hat also from RUBI shoes that I just love, it's a cream colour, big floppy hat and perfect for summer days strolling around the city, markets, going on a lovely walk - goes with all summer dresses and summer outfits I can dream up.

A FUN SUMMER ACTIVE PLAN: My boyfriend and I have started doing day trips to stay active, like going on bushwalks, visiting swimming holes or simply going to the beach for the day and going on a decent walk/paddle. I am not a very outdoorsy type person, I was raised very much to be an inside kinda gal - but I have really been loving going on adventures and hanging out. I wear active wear and good walking shoes on these adventures but PACK: SUNSCREEN, WATER, SWIMWEAR, TOWEL, A CHANGE OF CLOTHES, SUNNIES.

All from me for now - will be back shortly!

Mary X

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