Tuesday, 21 April 2015

2 Winter Ways


So, I thought since winter is coming (lolcatz) I should do a post regarding winter fashion. 
All outfits were styled and modelled by me. Photography by John Pryke and Makeup by Sarah-Jane (all our links to facebook pages are below)



Insta: @maryhecker

Over all these looks Sarah's makeup worked perfectly. A hint of orange in the eyeshadow makes the look POP just a bit, I'm loving it. If you want to know how to recreate this look, message the wonderful Sarah on facebook!
I love a good pair of black skinny jeans, especially when they can be high waisted. They are so easy to pair anything with. Anything. A plain T or singlet, a floral top, a top that shows lots of clevage, a band T, YOUR GOD DAMNED PYJAMA TOP.... Everything! Black skinny jeans are and have always been my 'go to' for a winter or slightly chilly look, day or night. I get cold SO easily so stockings don't always do it for me. These specific jeans are only from JayJays. Belt is vintage.

As you can see, I have worn my fave jeans with a leather jacket and also a T. The day we shot this it was getting quite chilly and I could have probably worn something less winter like but, as I said, I feel the cold easily so I regret nothing. I could wear this look anywhere that I can think of which is great because it is versatile. This is a relatively generic style but make it your own with a cool T (as I have done) and a pair of sunnies (I LOVE QUAY) and they are in my hand. 'The Cramps' band T was an op shop find thanks to my dad!

As you can see, this look is pretty different to the first one. I love both because they are SO simple and you really can't go wrong unless you try too hard.

I am wearing a Wranger denim skirt, black SABA sweater and vintage belt. 

Though it is getting into winter, in Brisbane we do have days where wearing a skirt like this is doable. I wore this with black boots, same with the look 1. 

Enjoy your week!
Stay T U N E D


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