Friday, 13 March 2015

Summer Street Style 14/3/15'

T from @theamigosapapparel
Skirt - Wrangler
Belt - Vintage 
Sunnies - Quay
Boots - Rubi Shoes 
Bracelet - HerFashionBox

My biggest tip for summer casual looks, is to keep it minimal. I think minimal is effective because it looks easy, and it can be easy if you wear the right pieces. I think denim and white always look fabulous, for example. I always try to match up a couple of things as well. Using this outfit as an example... Black and gold belt. Gold bracelet. Black boots, black sunnies. I could have gone with gold or black nails, but I've gone for red which I think works okay.

I kept my makeup and hair super simple as well. Hair was simply straightened with my GHD and I used Wella shampoo and conditioner prior... the orange bottle ones, haha! 

My foundation was Clinique, which I find is good coverage but makes my skin a bit oily which I don't like so much. I used a cheap bronzer (SORRY MAKEUP GURUS) from Priceline, it wasn't shimmery though so I like to think that's a big of a saving grace in order for using bronzer for contouring. I use bronzer because I think it suits my skin tone and I have a brush which applies it well enough for me to do it myself. I then used Face Of Australia highlighting powder and a nude lipstick, mascara and I think that's it! 

Snapped by @sophotography
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