Thursday, 4 September 2014

A week in the life of me (minus some stuff)

Hey All!
I thought I'd do a post about what it's like to live in the life of me, not like I'm famous and I feel like I need to keep you posted (even though for some reason I don't care about EG: Kim K but I still will click on articles about her... so maybe I do want you to be interested) but really because I am the slackest blogger.... probably of all time, but it's going to change! I have been inspired of late though, so keep your eyeballs peeled for some merry Mary goodness. Punny? A lil'. 

Please note, I also sleep (sometimes) eat, catch a lot of public transport, have a few breakdowns over noth having enough yummy food or clothes (don't we all?!) do a lot of shopping (okay, so maybe take away the point made just before) and a fair bit of swearing and yelling - but I don't have documentation to prove any of it! (HA HA!) 

Myself at a shoot for Ra Ra Superstar (A killer little retro store in Paddington which I will later blog about) MU by Inez Dickers, Photography by Jess Collins. Styled by myself. 

Myself attending (And 100% enjoying the amazing food and company) at the Brisbane Bloggers Breakfast hosted by SCRUNCH at 'The Kitty' Chocolate fondue and marshmellows FOR DAYYYYS!

From left to right: Loana Mertens, Mary Hecker, Emily Isabel
Attended SUZII K's show at Oh Hello
Loana and Emily are girls I manage from Mystique Model Management. Suzii K is now in NYC doing fashion week with her amazing label for the first time!

Myself up the back beaming away!
Also featured: Cassandra Green, Tash Walker, Tegan McLellan, Dannielle Bonner and Emily Isabel all from Mystique MM - At a runway training session taught by ME

Mystique MM girls (Courtney Hatton, Tegan McLellan, Emily Isabel) and myself at Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival castings

Myself and Emily Isabel on set at a shoot (I was the stylist, Emily was the model)
Image by Pixels Of Shae

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