Tuesday, 9 September 2014

20 Fab Facts


1. I've never been drunk. I've definitely been tipsy, I've had one BAD hangover ever. That is all
2. I have no piercings at all and never have
3. Thanks to my boyfriend (and also my lack of desire to leave my bed unless i absolutely have to or theres a sale on somewhere bloody good - I have officially watched every single episode of Futurama, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bobs Burgers, Arrested Development (We're working on season 23 of The Simpsons currently) 
4. My 4 biggest obsessions are: - ONLINE SHOPPING (GOD DAMN!) 5. Lime Crime lipstick 6. Glitter and anything sparkly basically 7. Food. 
(Especially pizza, chicken twisties, lasagne and chocolate of any kind) 8. Labrador puppies & pugs
9. I eat a whole Dominoes pizza at least once a week (Also, thanks to my boyfriend) 
10. My name is actually Mary-Eloise (Hence that my band is titled Mary-Lou) 
11. I'm going to put up an OOTD every day for a week and see how I go with it and hopefully continue it probably via insta: (which is @maryhecker)

12. My first concert was 'The Veronicas' in 2006 - I was 10 years old and it was the best night ever. They are the greatest gals ever and I still adore them.

13. All my face masks and shower scrubs, etc etc are from LUSH. I go to the one in Queen Street Mall.

14. I don't really enjoy clubbing or parties. I'd much rather be in bed 90% of the time

15. I take naps daily

16. I have a serious phobia of fish

17. I'm always stressed out over other peoples issues

18. I love organising events and people, I love lists

19. I'm so busy that I often forget to eat until dinner and then I eat majority of the fridge, then drive to McDonalds in hope to be more fat

20. I cannot ride a bike and never have been able to

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