Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Photography: BNE STYLE
MUA/Hair: Courtney Bridges
Edited images were published in Moustache Magazine; May 2014

I feel like this shoot is really 'me'. It simply involved me frolicking ( my favourite word, just by the way) around the valley with two awesome gals, and just having fun. I got to channel my inner Courtney Love. I don't really put a lot of effort into my style or styling - I like to think I'm stylish in a way, but really I just dress like 'me' and I can't really define that too easily. I love sexy, sexy is good, but not overly sexy, I like sexy in a 'I just woke up' 90s grunge kind of way. I like lace, leather and tartan. I love gothy girls. I like dark hair, I like waves and curls. I love shape, but I love bones. I love street art and awkwardness in people - I find thats why I love photography too, awkwardness is captured and always can shine through in images. I love laughing. 

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