Monday, 4 November 2013

Classic, Mary

So, since this is my first blog post, I figured it would be polite to introduce myself and give you some fun facts. I'm Mary. I'm born in January 1996. I'm from Brisbane, which is in Australia. Fashion is pretty much my whole life - in any and every aspect. I am super, super, beyond organised and punctual... it's kind of strange really how far I take organising even the most simple of events, I think I have OCD, for real. I have no piercings or tattoos at present. I love food - but I'm a ridiculously fussy eater. I love road trips. I am part European. I'm a professional model and a musician and dancer as well. Red lipstick is 'my thing'. I love going to the theatre.... it means I can overdress. I have been reading VOGUE since I was about 6 years old. As a kid, I was overdressed 99% of the time. Other than fashion, my friends are my entire life. I wouldn't be myself without their influence.

My style changes everyday, it just depends on my mood, where I'm going and the weather. I'm not going to lie, I love sweatpants, but I only wear them to bed and when exercising, that is a fact. Overall, I'd describe my general style as grunge/90's - and no, I don't think I'll grow out of that too soon. I am pretty quirky, and I think that shows in my style. I wear red lipstick with almost everything. 

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  1. Found you - about time! I will be checking this for Mary's Adventures! :)