Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Easy yet stylish summer fashion

Hi All!
This blog post is about staying stylish in the heat! I live in Queensland, and basically it's freakin' hot all year round' but especially in summer (duh) so my top 5 summer items for 2016 would be...

LUSH FACE MIST: Works an absolute treat! I use this at least once a day, usually after a shower and sometimes just throughout the day to stay hydrated and cool (I believe it's actually a toner) I have never put this over makeup as I imagine it would ruin it a bit but so perfect for an after gym cool down or a general hot day

A GOOD DENIM SKIRT: Why? THEY GO WITH NEARLY EVERYTHING. A "good" one will set you back a bit of $$$ but good can simply mean a good fit - mine is light blue and Wrangler, super comfy and can be easily worn with a crop, a light (material kind of light - obviously any colour you desire!) button up top, long or short sleeve. Or a T! They go with most things I can think of.

FUNKY SANDALS: I love a fun pair of sandals! I am definitely a boot person but summer here is too damn hot, I praise Queensland goths. My funky summer sandals this year around are only from RUBI shoes, they're strappy gold, black and white. I admit, it's not like they match everything but they're a statement on their own - easy to wear with basics - such as: White/grey/black T or singlet with a denim skirt/denim shorts/jeans (if it was winter)

ONE REALLY GOOD HAT: So, I am not really a hat person but I do have one summer hat also from RUBI shoes that I just love, it's a cream colour, big floppy hat and perfect for summer days strolling around the city, markets, going on a lovely walk - goes with all summer dresses and summer outfits I can dream up.

A FUN SUMMER ACTIVE PLAN: My boyfriend and I have started doing day trips to stay active, like going on bushwalks, visiting swimming holes or simply going to the beach for the day and going on a decent walk/paddle. I am not a very outdoorsy type person, I was raised very much to be an inside kinda gal - but I have really been loving going on adventures and hanging out. I wear active wear and good walking shoes on these adventures but PACK: SUNSCREEN, WATER, SWIMWEAR, TOWEL, A CHANGE OF CLOTHES, SUNNIES.

All from me for now - will be back shortly!

Mary X

Friday, 15 May 2015


I have been dubbed 'Scenestr of the day' which I think is mega freakin' rad. Image by Sophotography. Huge thanks to Gareth and the crew @ Scene magazine. I've been flickin' through your magazine since I was a tiny kid checking out my dads gig guides around town.

I have attached a link so you can check out my interview:


Monday, 11 May 2015


My OOTD (I think I'm going to make it more like OOTW (outfit of the week) because I always forget and kind of don't like asking near by friends or family to take a snap of my outfits, haha.

So, I was styling a shoot yesterday and I was kinda cold in the morning when I was getting dressed so this is my 'semi winter' 70s vibe. Flares are from Some Days Lovin', boots are from Rubi Shoes. Fluffy jacket is actually from Supre, and The Cure shirt is my dads from the early 90s. Hair was literally not done, woke up and left the house like that and I am wearing foundation (Savvy) and mascara (Maybelline)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

2 Winter Ways


So, I thought since winter is coming (lolcatz) I should do a post regarding winter fashion. 
All outfits were styled and modelled by me. Photography by John Pryke and Makeup by Sarah-Jane (all our links to facebook pages are below)



Insta: @maryhecker

Over all these looks Sarah's makeup worked perfectly. A hint of orange in the eyeshadow makes the look POP just a bit, I'm loving it. If you want to know how to recreate this look, message the wonderful Sarah on facebook!
I love a good pair of black skinny jeans, especially when they can be high waisted. They are so easy to pair anything with. Anything. A plain T or singlet, a floral top, a top that shows lots of clevage, a band T, YOUR GOD DAMNED PYJAMA TOP.... Everything! Black skinny jeans are and have always been my 'go to' for a winter or slightly chilly look, day or night. I get cold SO easily so stockings don't always do it for me. These specific jeans are only from JayJays. Belt is vintage.

As you can see, I have worn my fave jeans with a leather jacket and also a T. The day we shot this it was getting quite chilly and I could have probably worn something less winter like but, as I said, I feel the cold easily so I regret nothing. I could wear this look anywhere that I can think of which is great because it is versatile. This is a relatively generic style but make it your own with a cool T (as I have done) and a pair of sunnies (I LOVE QUAY) and they are in my hand. 'The Cramps' band T was an op shop find thanks to my dad!

As you can see, this look is pretty different to the first one. I love both because they are SO simple and you really can't go wrong unless you try too hard.

I am wearing a Wranger denim skirt, black SABA sweater and vintage belt. 

Though it is getting into winter, in Brisbane we do have days where wearing a skirt like this is doable. I wore this with black boots, same with the look 1. 

Enjoy your week!
Stay T U N E D


Friday, 13 March 2015

Summer Street Style 14/3/15'

T from @theamigosapapparel
Skirt - Wrangler
Belt - Vintage 
Sunnies - Quay
Boots - Rubi Shoes 
Bracelet - HerFashionBox

My biggest tip for summer casual looks, is to keep it minimal. I think minimal is effective because it looks easy, and it can be easy if you wear the right pieces. I think denim and white always look fabulous, for example. I always try to match up a couple of things as well. Using this outfit as an example... Black and gold belt. Gold bracelet. Black boots, black sunnies. I could have gone with gold or black nails, but I've gone for red which I think works okay.

I kept my makeup and hair super simple as well. Hair was simply straightened with my GHD and I used Wella shampoo and conditioner prior... the orange bottle ones, haha! 

My foundation was Clinique, which I find is good coverage but makes my skin a bit oily which I don't like so much. I used a cheap bronzer (SORRY MAKEUP GURUS) from Priceline, it wasn't shimmery though so I like to think that's a big of a saving grace in order for using bronzer for contouring. I use bronzer because I think it suits my skin tone and I have a brush which applies it well enough for me to do it myself. I then used Face Of Australia highlighting powder and a nude lipstick, mascara and I think that's it! 

Snapped by @sophotography
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Welcoming in 2015!

Dudes and dudettes,This year has been crazy already! I turned 19! I also have told myself I'm going to hit the gym more (right...) and I also told myself I'd blog more, even just outfit posts.. so watch out for a hot version of me or hot fashion!

I have also been published as a feature fashion writer in this months Skin, Beauty & Soul Magazine which is an online magazine run by a young Brisbane girl. I have attached my little section!

Summer to me means, good friends, good vibes, backyard parties, loud music and lots of dancing, food and chill days involving swimming and sleeping. 


Here come the outfit posts... Happy summer!!
(All images/makeup by Elise @ Offbeat Imaging) 
Her insta: @offbeatimaging

Sunday, 30 November 2014


I apologize for the delay in this post. I was all gee'd up to post it but Connie had some other stuff she had to post first so I held up AND THEN I FORGOT ABOUT IT. However, here it is! In it's colorful glory. This blog represents the start of summer to me... a Brisbane kid's summer. We love mesh, we love glitter and we love sunglasses and B L A C K. Check it.

Connie rockin' her selection
Watermelon bralette: Nastygal
Mesh top: Sad Eyes Apparel 
Skirt: American Apparel 
Stockings: Ebay
Sunglasses: Lavender Latte
Earrings: Angel Puffs

Glitter from Typo (we used lip balm to make them stick to us)
Rings from 'The Silver Shop' in Brisbane City 

I am wearing:
Mesh Top: Ebay
Halter: Everland Clothing
Skirt: Everland Clothing 
Doc Martins; From Downes Shoes in the Valley
Velvetine Red Lipstick from Lime Crime Cosmetics 
Sunglasses from DIVA KIDS

Always gigglin'

And then we danced...
at Roma St.
...In front of people. And we looked like we were 12 because we had the camera leaning on a bin so we could take these photos. 
I'm basically Disco Stu.

Have a fab night everyone! Hope you've enjoyed my very L8 blogpost.
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